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From Grapes To Glass - How Is Wine Made?

The art of winemaking has been around for thousands of years. It’s a natural process which requires very little intervention from humans, but each winemaker will guide the process through various techniques. Generally, there are 5 basic elements to creating wine: harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermentation, clarification, and finally, ageing and bottling. Winemakers will follow these five steps but often add in their own variations along the way to help create their own unique wine.

Wiston Estate Wine Owners

Meet The Producer - Wiston Estate

At Redh we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, locally produced wine, beer, and cider beverages - so much so, that we built our business on it! Our love for good quality drinks is what has lead us to work with some of the best...

Meet The Producer - Jenkyn Place

Jenkyn Place is a boutique, family-owned estate belonging to Simon and Rebecca Bladon, set in the idyllic Hampshire countryside with an impressive William and Mary Grade II listed building, dating from the 17th Century.

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The Different Types Of White Wine Explained

There's little to beat a crisp white wine at just the right moment. Whether you're looking for something light and breezy to drink on a spring lunchtime picnic, or a typical drink to accompany the fish or pasta dish at your upcoming dinner party, white wine is a firm favourite for socialising as well as a classic at the table. Here we'll take a look at some of the best white wines England has to offer, all available here at the Real English Drinks House. We think you'll want to stock up and give them all a try!

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The UK’s Best Sour Beers

British beers come in many different styles and brands, but if you’re looking for the best, you can trust Redh to bring you the most worthy contenders. We pride ourselves on stocking only the sour beers we believe in and are happy to recommend to the most discerning sour beer drinkers. So here, in no particular order, is a range of the very best sour beers the UK has to offer, as well as one from slightly further afield!

variety of gin mixer drinks

What Goes With Gin?

Gin is the perfect versatile and social drink for experimenting with tastes and mixers, especially during the festive season. So many flavours and garnishes beyond the basic tonic lend themselves to creating all kinds of delicious blends. Here are just a few of our favourite craft gin mixers for you try whether you’re in the party mood, or planning a quiet night in with friends.

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Types Of Ale: A Beginners Guide

Summer is fast approaching, which means there is no better time than now for perfecting your beer palette. But what do we even mean by that and more importantly where do you even begin? Well, when it comes to trying out new ale beers, often the easiest way to start is by looking at your current favourite and from there, picking out some subtleties of the flavour. Looking at the colour of the ale beer can be a great general indicator of the flavour, the beer brewing process and also the history behind it too. 

three different beer drink styles

6 Beer Styles Which All Savvy Beer Drinkers Need To Know

The list of recognised beer categories seems to be growing every day. If the more obscure classics such as salty-sour goses and herbal fruits weren’t enough to bewilder beer newcomers, newly invented styles including India pale lagers and Black IPAs only continue to add to the confusion. However, if you go to the bar and just say the words “All I want is a beer” when looking at an overcrowded menu at your local pub, hopefully learning about these six beer styles will ensure you never freeze up in terror when placing your next beer order.

English Wines, Spirits & Craft Beers

Redh is the brainchild of two Sussex born guys; Richard Edwards and Douglas Howard.  Great friends from school who have been known to enjoy an occasional drink or two! 

Following an impromptu visit to a small local brewery, they questioned why they had not heard of the quality beer even though it was on their doorstep?  The big lightbulb moment followed shortly after!  “Why don’t we create a business that can connect local people with local produce?”  They found that many smaller producers struggle to find the time and resources to promote their craft goods.  That's where Redh comes to the rescue.  Providing a bar to discover, taste and sell predominantly English quality drinks and morsels, plus a website to reach folk further afield.

The beautiful Edwardian Post Office building in Haslemere (Richard and Douglas’ local town) will now become the hub of Redh.  Providing space for a bar/cafe, function area, shop, and as an added bonus, the Post Office counter too! The Redh team welcome you to our website, or why not visit and drink with us in our Haslemere watering hole (no problems if you just buy a stamp!).

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We've found a new favourite! 🍸 This delicious spiced gin is created by Reeba, head distiller at @theginkitchen, an English spirit producer based in Surrey. The Ginger Cat is made with silky smooth tonka, cinnamon, orange zest and a little ginger! 🐈
We love the Pinot Gris from @bolneyestate - a dry white wine with fragrant aromas of citrus, apple, grapefruit and pear, which follows through onto the palate with a wonderful richness and slightly honeyed character! ORDER YOUR NEXT BOTTLE! (OR POP INTO OUR BAR!) 🍾 > LINK IN BIO #RealEnglishDrinksHouse #Haslemere