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Lager is arguably the most consumed beer on the planet. However, its high demand has sadly seen some lager production methods focus on mass production and keeping the cost per unit low by making lager beer much more watery. As a result, lager is often overlooked when talking of high quality, tasteful beers but it needn't be! 

Our goal here at Redh is to provide you with high quality, locally produced beer including the very best of lager. We've worked hard to find the most refreshing and crisp locally sourced lager beers with a range that offers a rather exciting breadth of variety. Our lagers include a number of Pilnser lagers, Helles, Blondes, Münchner, Saxon, Hogstar and more! 

Lager in appearance tends to be pale gold in colour. For best drinking conditions, it should be served very chilled (and ideally on a hot day). Typically, lager is easy to drink and works very well with food pairing, enhancing both the flavour of the food and the lager. Favourite lager food pairings include lightly spiced foods, red and smoked meats.

All the lager beers in our range come in a variety of bottle and can sizes ranging from 330ml to 500ml and a large number of our lagers are vegetarian and vegan - just filter by dietary preference. Check out Redh’s stock and create your own bespoke craft beer box - simply pick 12 bottles of beers, be that lagers, IPA's, Stouts, or Sessions, and you'll get the cheapest free! These bespoke beer boxes also make great gifts for any beer lover looking to try a variety of different, locally produced beers and lagers!