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  1. Hepworth - Crazy Horse  330ml
    Hepworth - Crazy Horse 330ml
    Special Price £1.43 Regular Price £1.90
  2. Kona - Fire Rock  355ml
    Kona - Fire Rock 355ml
    Special Price £1.82 Regular Price £2.60

Items 1-24 of 38


Pale Ale Beer At Redh

Mmmm... pale ale, a favourite for many!

Pale ale is an extremely popular style of beer known for its light colour. Predominantly made from pale malt, pale ale beer has a more hoppy taste than other beers and bitters, however, different brewing methods and hop levels have resulted in a range of strengths and tastes within the craft pale ale family. Types of pale ale beers include Blonde, Amber Pale Ale, Burton Pale Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, Indian Pale Ale, Strong Pale Ale and more!

Our wide range of pale ale beers are available in a number of bottle sizes including 330ml, 355ml, 440ml, and 500ml. Each can be bought as individual bottles or if you fancy a variety of different pale ale flavours, why not create your own case? Buy any 12 bottles and get the cheapest bottle free - also doubles up as a great gift for any craft pale ale beer lover!

No matter what style you choose, craft pale ale beers are generally easy to drink and pair perfectly with food. A large number of our pale ale beers are also vegetarian and vegan as well as gluten-free and organic - just filter by our dietary preferences. Happy drinking!