glass of vodka drink

5 of the best flavoured vodkas

Flavoured vodka is the hottest new trend around right now, and with so many fantastic new flavours to choose from it’s not surprising. Great in cocktails or simply as a shot, vodka is a great blank canvas for layers of extra flavour and can go bold or subtle. Here at Redh, we have a wide range to try – and here are our favourites.

AU Green Watermelon – This is the newest flavour from cult brand AU, and it’s sweet and juicy with a refreshing taste. The vodka takes its name from the gold element in the periodic table and is filtered through gold for ultra purity.

English Spirit Toffee Vodka – Rich caramel is blend with quality vodka to create this toffee vodka – delicious as a warming shot or poured over vanilla ice cream for a sweet dessert.

Mermaid Salt Vodka – A smooth vodka is given a slightly salty twist, best served with a twist of lime. From the same distillery as the popular Mermaid Gin.

AU Fruit Punch – Exotic and fruity, this is delicious mixed with lemonade for a long summery drink. Made with natural fruit juice for a tropical taste.

Redh Vodka – We couldn’t go without mentioning our own Real English vodka, which is deliciously smooth with a long finish. Our favourite way to serve it is with tonic water, pomegranate seed and a squeeze of fresh orange. Yum!