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The UK’s Best Sour Beers

British beers come in many different styles and brands, but if you’re looking for the best, you can trust Redh to bring you the most worthy contenders. We pride ourselves on stocking only the sour beers we believe in and are happy to recommend to the most discerning sour beer drinkers. So here, in no particular order, is a range of the very best sour beers the UK has to offer, as well as one from slightly further afield!

First, from the Wild Beer Co Brewery comes a couple of tried and tested untameable craft beers, in the form of Modus Operandi, and Rosa Rouge.

Modus Operandi was the original offering from The Wild Beer Co. It’s matured in oak barrels, which brings an extra layer of enrichment that’s both complex and subtle. The yeast they use for this beverage has that characteristic unpredictability you need from sour beer styles. This one is one of our classics and very popular with those who like their sour beer straightforwardly wild. 

But for a slightly more sophisticated alternative worth a second look, fans of sour beer should know that we also stock the lovely Rosa Rouge variety. Rosa Rouge gains a gentle but definite sour kick from that mix of wild American yeast and traditional English fermentation methods, honed in the farmhouse heart and soul of Somerset. As the name suggests, Rosa Rouge combines fruit and floral aromas through the addition of rose and pomegranate, both of which refresh and awaken the woody tannins in this beauty. Being brewed in burgundy barrels gives it not only the depth and flavour but also an appealing alliteration that could double as a sour beer tongue twister! 

And then we come to Siren’s new variety - Calypso, which is named after a Goddess with a very tempting personality and a quick-witted comeback. Aptly named, and dry-hopped in Berlin sour beer style, this one is memorably tart with an extra zest that sour beer lovers can’t resist.

Now, if you love raspberries, and you’re looking to try a sour beer that’s based on the juicy framboise taste, you should look no further than our recommendation of Tiny Rebel - Frambuzi. The can is striking in its splattering colour clash of neon pink raspberries as if they’re bursting to get out. Remember, with Redh you can order a case of 12 drinks for a bargain price, and Frambuzi should be on that list if you want the best in our sour beers.

Finally, to be honest, the last one we’re bringing you in our list of the UK’s best sour beers isn’t actually from the UK at all. But as quality international sour beers go, we wanted to give it an honourable mention. We think it’s up there as a serious contender among all the others. From Collective Arts comes, Mash up the Jam, which is a New Zealand sour beer that we reckon has that perfect blend of juicy and refreshing, that makes a sour beer exactly what it needs to be. And what a great name.