apple cider in a glass

The Best Of Britain's Fruit Cider

So let’s talk about fruit cider because we reckon there is no time of year when sweet fruit cider isn’t an excellent choice as a beverage. Yes, ok, during the summer there’s that fresh, crisp seasonal appeal, and of course, it’s the stuff of picnics and the English countryside, and social events where you throw wellies and buy jam and so on. It’s also a welcome thirst quencher when the July sun is beating down and you’re working outdoors, or watching sport, or just lazing in the garden hammock with a Tom Clancy novel. But don’t forget British fruit ciders are also perfect in the autumn and winter months. Just listen to the varieties we think you'll want to serve at your Christmas and New Year parties.

Let's start with the Garden Cider brand, which is, as the label states, handcrafted. And it’s that personal touch you can taste straight away in their select flavour configurations. Raspberry matched with rhubarb has that perfect combo of the sweet and the tart in one sip. With plum and ginger, you get that fruity sweetness blended with the gently hot tang of ginger. Or just go all out for Wild Strawberry. They each have their own distinctive taste that’s both very drinkable and also satisfying.

When you order fruit cider from Redh you get to pick a bespoke selection of 12, at a highly appealing bargain price - with the cheapest one free. So, while you’re there selecting your next 12 ciders, why not give Sandfords a go. Their Berry Lane line contains raspberries, which accounts for that rather attractively deep pink shade. Those raspberries are a touch of genius. 

Many of our sweet ciders are serious contenders if you’re looking for something vegan or vegetarian. Just check the ingredients to put your mind at rest and find the perfect cider that matches your dietary requirements.

Now, how about the cloudy apple cider Hazy Hog of Hogs Back, which was an international bronze award winner back in 2019. This one has just enough sparkle and a whole lot of apple as you’d expect.

Another range to try is Gospel Green. If you like champagne, you’re going to love this, with its fine bubbles and refined taste. Their fruit offering, Raspberry Dosage, is a delightful drink with the subtle sweetness of raspberries.

Fruit ciders are a longstanding staple of old English pubs and drinking houses, as a reassuringly refreshing and warming local drink that reminds us of the delicious fruits and abundant harvest of the year past. Tasty and evocative. And, hey. If that’s all a bit poetic for you, just get a few glasses of these down you, and you’ll get exactly why we love English cider!

Order online from us and stock up on the full range of sweet ciders for your festivities.