January letters pegged for Dry January

Celebrate The End Of Dry January In Style!

Well done! At last, you’ve made it to the end of Dry January, and you’re feeling so much better for it. With any luck, you saved a bit of money and lost a few pounds, as well as gaining that slightly smug air of satisfaction at proving you could go without for a whole month. Or not. Or perhaps you didn’t quite get this far, and your resolutions were overturned before the Christmas tree was even dismantled. Either way, it’s okay. Let’s make February a time to celebrate anyway, as we go back to business as usual but with brand new motivation for the year ahead, in our drinking as well as in the rest of life.

We reckon the important thing for this year is to become more selective, more discerning about the drinks we choose to drink. If Dry January taught us anything, it was about remembering that our favourite refreshing and delicious drinks can be a perfect way to enhance an inspired and upbeat lifestyle, rather than just drowning winter sorrows. So let’s start February the way we mean to continue. Here’s a selection of English rum, English vodka and English gin. A range of our best spirits, in the hope of lifting yours!

Keep those embers burning and the late night feel-good tunes playing on Spotify because English rum is one winter drink not to be missed. Our recommendation this month is Portsmouth Distillery’s 1968 white rum, from the hometown of the Royal Navy. This is definitely one to try, whether you prefer it neat, or mixed into a Mojito cocktail.

For a slightly more indulgent treat, how about English Spirit’s temptingly named English Toffee Vodka Liqueur. Sweet, but not too sweet, it’s perfect for lovers of caramel, and you can even use it as a very special ice-cream topping. Why ever not! A decadent end to any grown-up dinner party.

And, always fans of great bottle design, we have to suggest this one. How about a bottle of Jarrold’s London Dry Gin for your drinks cabinet. It’s a good-looking classic that’s going to be as welcome in the spring and summer seasons, as it is this month, combining wonderful flavours of lime, cardamom, juniper and angelica with pure local Sussex water.

Break open the brand new spirits for a classy and uplifting year, where you’ll spend many a memorable evening introducing your friends to a delicious variety of new favourite drinks and mixers. It’s a great way to connect and enjoy each other’s company, and with so much quality from the Real English Drinks House, you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home.