Meet The Producer - Chilgrove Gin

Chilgrove Gin went into production five years ago, thanks to the knowledge of husband and wife team, Christopher and Celia Beaumont-Hutchings. Despite varied careers in merchant banking and medicine, it was Celia’s Dutch heritage and their own love of gin, which encouraged their decision to start making their own.

Historically, the spirit we know as English gin first originated in 16th Century Holland and was derived from the Juniper-based drink Jenever, which was traditionally made using alcohol distilled from wine, rather than a cereal base. Christopher and Celia were fascinated to find that other producers hadn’t gone back to these origins of gin and were encouraged to utilise this production method mixed with traditional English flavours, to create a unique, and undeniably higher quality, product in the UK.

Its grape based spirit is distilled with natural mineral water filtered through the beautiful woodland chalk hills of the South Downs, which surround the sleepy Sussex hamlet of Chilgrove where Christopher and Celia now live, and where all their gin is produced.

On our visit to the distillery we loved trying their first product ‘Chilgrove Dry Gin’ which was created in 2014. Last year they introduced ‘Chilgrove Bluewater Edition Gin’, bottled at a super-premium 46% abv. which is crafted from both timeless English botanicals, as well as native Australian plants such as Lemon Myrtle and Finger Lime which Christopher and Celia discovered during their time living and working there. 2018 has seen the brand win their 25th international award as well as the launch of their first flavoured gin - Bramble Edition Gin – perfect for a cold, winters evening!