5 summer cocktails you should know how to make

When the sun comes out there’s nothing better than a delicious, refreshing cocktail to enjoy with your barbecue or garden party. So whether you’re looking for a simple two-ingredient mix or a bottle-throwing, glass-flipping number to show off your mixology talents, we’ve got it covered.

Fruit Punch A super-simple combo of AU Vodka’s Fruit Punch topped with lemonade. Add ice and a few chopped strawberries for extra points.

Bellini  You’ll need to make a peach puree for this elegant Italian tipple – just blend a couple of peeled, stoned peaches until smooth (you can also use tinned peaches). Place a couple of spoonfuls of the puree in a flute and carefully top with fizz (we love Fitz’s English Sparkling Wine) before stirring. Done!

Gin cocktail Up your gin and tonic game with this delicious cocktail. Use a double measure of excellent quality gin, such as Redh’s Dry London Gin, and add a Mediterranean tonic. A squeeze of orange gives extra fruity flavour and a few pomegranate seeds prefect the look.

Tipsy Hare Squash 5 raspberries in a cocktail shaker, add ice, a double measure of dark spiced rum (we like Cinnabar from Portsmouth Distillery) and a squeeze of fresh lime. Shake and pour into a long glass before topping with ginger beer. Glass flipping optional!

Pink Gin mojito A sweeter version of the much-loved mojito. Muddle torn mint leaves and sliced strawberries in a glass. Add pink gin, ice and soda, then stir. Add a slice of strawberry to garnish.