How to make flavoured gin

Summer and autumn bring with them an abundance of fruit and other flavourings that can be used to infuse gin or vodka, turning a plain drink into something more exciting! If you’ve never made flavoured gin before, here’s how to do it. First you will need a gin or vodka base – we recommend a good quality product, such as Real English Gin or Real English Vodka, both made by our very own Redh distiller Neil Patterson. Next decide on the flavour you’d like to make. Sloe gin is the classic, and you will need 150 grams of sloe berries per bottle. Other flavours that work well are blackberry, raspberry, cherry, plum or greengage. Prick each berry with the end of a knife to allow the flavour to infuse, then put them in your bottle. If the fruit is larger you can cut it into small pieces to fit into the bottle top. You may need to remove some of the gin to allow space for all those delicious berries and fruit (good chance to have a g&t, we say!).

Add a spoonful of sugar, then leave the gin or vodka for 2-3 months to infuse and mature before drinking.

If you don’t have time to make your own, don’t forget we stock a range of flavoured gins and vodkas, including sloe gin from Ableforth’s and Jarrold’s.

We also stock some delicious fruit-infused gins, such as Blueberry gin from Tom Cat, Rhubarb gin from Slingsby and a range of gin liqueurs including plum and raspberry from English Spirit.