Meet The Producer - Jarrold's

Jarrold‘s is run by another husband and wife team, Nichola and Jamie, who have drawn on their extensive travel to influence both the flavours and the beautiful bottles that house their artisan gin. Following a career in the oil industry , they returned to the UK, and put down roots in beautiful Chichester, West Sussex where they started the Nodding Donkey Distillery Company two years ago. 

Nichola and Jamie have imported an incredible 250 litre copper pot still from Germany, which now takes pride of place in their distillery. 

Their process starts with a triple distilled grain base, which they reduce to a more manageable 60% abv before introducing 5 botanicals to infuse and release their essential oils before reducing further to a precise 29.5% for the final distillation. 

While this means their production may be less than many, they are confident that the final, intensely flavoured product, using local West Sussex water, is more than worth it!

Trips to the Middle East inspired Nichola and Jamie to use ingredients such as Persian Limes, Cardamom and Coriander as well as traditional Juniper, which despite being less common in a London Dry Gin made with a premium distilled alcohol, means the fusion of flavours mixes beautifully and joins new traditions with old. We also love their small batch Sloe Gin, infused with hand-picked West Sussex sloes, which is a little stronger than many, and perfect on its own or in a cocktail. And you can even try chocolates flavoured with it!