Meet The Producer: Hush Heath Estate

A family-run vineyard based in Kent, Hush Heath Estate is known for its excellent still and sparkling wines made using traditional French methods.

Owners Richard and Leslie Balfour-Lynn planted 400 acres of vines in 2002, having bought the land when it unexpectedly came up for sale the year before.

Richard decided he was going to take on the French at producing world class Champagne-style sparkling wines, using traditional methods and grape varieties. And when 10,000 bottles of Balfour Brut Rosé, made from the first harvest in 2004, won a gold medal at the International Wine Challenge in 2008, the Estate was officially on the wine map and there was no turning back.

Over the following years Richard formed a team of experts who assisted him in creating a state-of-the-art winery and tasting room on the Hush Heath Estate, which opened in 2010. Today, the estate produces a wide range of wines as well as ciders and beers.

Balfour Liberty’s Bacchus is a still dry white wine with nettle and gooseberry flavours, named after the vineyard’s head dog!

Balfour Leslie’s Reserve is a sparkling wine made from the classic champagne trio of grapes, chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. With hints of lime and redcurrant, the pleasant acidity is balanced with a hint of sweetness.

Lastly, Red Miller is a delicate and aromatic red wine made exclusively from Pinot Meunier grapes, with delicious raspberry and spice notes on the palate.