mermaid gin bottle

Meet The Producer: Isle of Wight Distillery (Mermaid Gin)

It’s that time again where we continue our journey profiling the UK producers of some of the favourite quality drinks that we always keep in stock, here at Redh. And this time, we’re turning south to the Isle of Wight to get to know a little bit more about the makers of the very popular Mermaid Gin.

As you know, we’re especially proud of a select few of our beverages that consistently prove especially popular to Redh customers. And of these, Mermaid Gin definitely ranks up there with our very bestsellers time and again. So, what exactly is it that people love most about this Isle of Wight created drink?

Well, of course, it starts with the distinctive design of the bottle, which this year had a complete makeover. The reason for the update was to move to an eco-friendly design that’s free of plastics. And we think you’ll agree, the result has a strong aesthetic appeal. It’s the colour of the clear seawater around the island, and it’s embellished with a scale patterning, with a gentle curve of a fishtail that we think is definitely reminiscent of an actual mermaid.

mermaid gin blue bottle

But of course, it’s the delicious taste of the gin itself that’s the biggest selling point. It's perfectly tasty as it is, but it's also perfect for mixing, just as you’d want with any top-quality gin.

We've noticed the eye-catching pink gin option, in particular, is a strong player in the marketplace. That gorgeous colour alone is a selling point for many since it makes a powerful visual impact as an eye-catching summer or Christmas cocktail base. The pink comes from strawberries that are grown locally to the Isle of Wight Distillery. And if you’re looking for a fabulous recipe for your own Mermaid based cocktail, why not try mixing some pink gin with a touch of raspberry puree, topped off with decent tonic water. That’s hard to beat.

mermaid pink gin bottle

The distillery itself originated in 2014 and it remains the one and only on the Isle of Wight. Xavier Baker and Conrad Gauntlett were the masterminds - two friends who combined their strong individual expertise in brewing and wine-making, to create first whisky and then Mermaid Gin as well as other spirits. The process they use is slow distillation in small amounts. Just right for this scale of production.

Their business model places top priority on care for the environment, which of course means they're passionate about sustainability, and they choose production materials that are biodegradable and can easily be recycled.

If you haven’t yet sampled Mermaid Gin, then we'd say it’s a perfect selection for the cocktail bar as we move toward the party season. It’s a nice choice for novice gin drinkers, as it’s versatile as a mixer and not overpowering. But it’s also becoming a classic option that we predict will stand the test of time, not just because of the taste and style of presentation, but the integrity, ethos and homegrown appeal of this wonderfully English drink.

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