New Red Distillery Offices

Our smart new premises

We’ve done it! The Redh HQ has recently moved from our tiny Haslemere office to a much bigger premises in Liphook.

How to make flavoured gin

Summer and autumn bring with them an abundance of fruit and other flavourings that can be used to infuse gin or vodka, turning a plain drink into something more exciting!

The best bars in Haslemere

If you’re local to Haslemere, you will no doubt know that the town has many great pubs and restaurants. Redh (Real English Drinks House) bar and restaurant is a great addition to the town.

Head chef Jack

Our head chef, Jack Cherriman

Redh in Haslemere, Surrey, (Real English Drinks House) is thrilled to introduce our head chef, Jack Cherriman. With our bar and café up and running with the best English drinks, including craft beers, artisan spirits and English sparkling wines, we turned our thoughts to our food offerings. We were lucky enough to find a chef with a wealth of expertise and experience, bags of enthusiasm, and a wonderful ever-changing hair colour.

gin and tonic

What Is The Difference Between Gin And Vodka?

Some drinks are prized for their quality and heritage. For example, if you’re a whisky drinker, then chances are you’ll put a lot of thought and discernment into your choice of distillery and the heritage of the drink. However, sadly gin and vodka tend not to have the same considered approach. Many people who enjoy a gin and tonic, or vodka and coke, are happy not to ask quite so many questions. For that reason, you may not know much about these two very popular drinks. So what’s the difference between gin and vodka? Here’s a quick overview that gives some answers.