Meet The Producer - Sandhills Gin

Like many of the gins we’ve come across, Sandhills began with a journey for Tom Bird, early in 2018, when he visited a gin bar in Hong Kong and tasted a re-distilled gin.  It was different to anything he had tried before and when he returned to the UK, Tom and Brian (a long standing friend with a similar passion for all things gin) started experimenting with a small copper pot still.

Tom & Brian wanted to define their idea of a ‘perfect’ gin, It had to be a traditional gin, where juniper was a predominant botanical, but also needed citrus notes. 

However, the heat needed to get the best from juniper berries and coriander seeds can alter the natural flavours of the more subtle botanicals that they had also chosen for the blend in their final recipe. After much research, the ‘HybridDistilled’ approach was settled upon and Sandhills Gin was born.

A copper pot is used to distil the botanicals with heavier oils and the other lighter, more delicate botanicals are then individually cold vacuum distilled using a Rotary Evaporator (more usually found in a science lab). 

Sandhills also uses local botanicals: honey from local bees in the hamlet and locally foraged gorse flower.  It is cut to 43% ABV with water from their own well.

They call this alchemy of tradition and innovation enGINeering™ and the alchemy symbology is reflected in their beautiful bottles, along with the colour of the local honey and gorse.  It makes a perfect, sophisticated G&T and needs no flavoured tonics to enhance it. We know it will be a gin to return to time and time again.