Tasting Notes

glass of beer on the beach

What is sour beer?

Sour beer is a beer produced with an intentional acidic or tart flavour, which was traditionally made in Europe for hundreds of years and is now growing in popularity in the modern craft ale industry.

Gin Botanicals

What Is Gin Made From?

Juniper! is the obvious pub quiz response. And of course, that’s correct. Juniper is definitely the main thing, but there’s plenty more you need to know about the gin-making process before you can really say you know about gin. How is gin made? How long does gin-making take? How are the different varieties affected by the locality in which it’s made? What makes top-quality gin, and is price a factor in which is the best?

red wine grapes

Red Wine Types Explained

People have all kinds of reasons for choosing the wines they do. Perhaps you sampled a memorable glass on a foreign holiday and prefer stick to that grape or wine-growing district forevermore. Maybe you're drawn to the quirky label, or even the price - bargain basement or sky-high expensive vintage red wine varieties. But if you’re a true lover of red wine, whether English red wine or other red wine varieties, it’s worth properly understanding the differences so that you know what you’re drinking.