three lager beers

Types Of Lager: Our Top 5 Picks!

No doubt about it, lager is the perfect thirst quencher as the weather picks up and you’re out with friends or watching your team. But don’t be boring and just stick to your regular brand without trying some of the exciting new types of lager on offer from us at Redh. There’s a lot more to British craft lager beer these days, with higher standards of production and some memorable new offerings from renowned ale producers too. The range is wide and varied, but here are some of our very best sellers at the moment.

Curious Brew is a rather good lager from Chapel Down. Made with Champagne yeast, it also contains the rarer Nelson Sauvin hops, giving it a clean taste with a finish that smells as perfect as it tastes. This one is brewed with Saaz and Cascade hops and English pale malt. Worth a try if you’re new to craft lager beer.

curious brew lager

Or how about Hepworth’s Saxon Lager. It’s gluten-free, but that doesn’t detract at all from the quality or taste, and it’s just as strong a drink as other brands. You’ll detect a note of citrus from out of the four hop varieties used in production, which has a Germanic influence. A very satisfying favourite for lager drinkers.

hepworth saxon lager

We’re very proud of the award-winning Hogstar Lager, from Hogs Back. With the benefit of a month’s maturation, you can really taste the difference in depth and flavour, as well as the aroma. Hogstar received a SIBA Independent Beer Regional Gold in 2018, and the year before it was the outright winner of the UK Gold World Beer Awards. Pretty convincing credentials from a trustworthy lager producer. Get a few of these in-store because you’ll want to share it around.

hogsback hogstar lager

The very English sounding London Lager comes from the craft lager beer producer, Meantime. London Lager combines East Anglian malt with Goldings hops for a thirst-quenching beverage that’s homegrown and fresh. A tasty drink you should definitely add to your case.

meantime london lager

And finally, as types of lager go, Firebird’s Bohemia Pilsner is a very nice one indeed. It has the advantage of being brewed below zero degrees, which brings a different kind of crisp floral flavour from Czech Saaz hops. This lager is also gluten-free. It’s great to know that this doesn’t mean any kind of compromise on taste or quality.

firebird bohemia pilsner lager

Now, when you’re trying to work out which lager brands to sample, let’s make it even easier for you. As always, you get a great deal with Redh. Just order a case of any 12 of our range of beers, and you’ll get the cheapest absolutely free! So, don’t limit yourself to one or two, go for the whole range and you’ll find out your preferences for future drinks orders. The secret to enjoying the best Redh has to offer, is always to keep your options open and try something new! After all. You never know what could be your new favourite lager.