variety of gin mixer drinks

What Goes With Gin?

Gin is the perfect versatile and social drink for experimenting with tastes and mixers, especially during the festive season. So many flavours and garnishes beyond the basic tonic lend themselves to creating all kinds of delicious blends. Here are just a few of our favourite craft gin mixers for you try whether you’re in the party mood, or planning a quiet night in with friends.

What to have with gin? Well, have you tried ginger beer? Classic. Ginger is naturally warming, so as the weather does its thing, a splash of ginger beer, or even ginger ale can really spice up your gin drinking. 

If you prefer something a little more fruity and refreshing, there’s not a lot to beat grapefruit and gin. Add some fizz with sparkling wine or prosecco, for a cocktail twist. We recommend you choose freshly squeezed grapefruit for the full effect, but you could pour juice from a carton for convenience. Or how about pink grapefruit tonic? This goes really well with a sprig of rosemary for a sweeter fruit gin mixer.

Some people seem to enjoy Irn-Bru with gin. We’re in two minds about this, but if you’re pining for the Highlands this Christmas, it could be an option. A mix of cola and gin is a little more conventional. Normal coke has a strong taste and the subtleties of craft gins could be easily lost, so we highly recommend Fentimans high-quality cola. A slice of lime is going to top it off nicely. And if you’re a fan of lime, why not go for lime and soda as your gin mixer. It’s a bit like a regular G&T, but a bit less tart. Low calorie too!

Fresh apple juice works extremely well with gin, and while you’re there, why not match it with some apple cider, a cinnamon stick and some star anise as a garnish. Altogether they’ll evoke warming apple pie and traditional Christmas punch flavours! 

For ease and to explore more complex gin mixers, you can get some exquisite flavours with Jeffrey's cordials.

With the new year approaching, there are a few ways to mix gin with sparkling wine, or even champagne if you want to push the boat out. And after dinner, why not have a go at gin with a coffee liqueur. The perfect way to top off a festive meal.