Dry Cider

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Dry Cider At Redh

What makes dry cider ‘dry’?

Simply speaking, dry ciders are termed ‘dry’ because they contain far less sugar than standard ciders. High amounts of sugar in drinks gives a thick, heavy texture which is often described as ‘wet’. Thus, less sugar means less heaviness, less sweetness and more of that refreshing, dry taste. It also means dry cider is far less calorific than some of the sweeter, more sugar-dense ciders on the market.

At Redh, we stock a wide array of English dry ciders to suit all tastes. For example, Meon Valley’s Dragonfly dry cider offers light wildflower and almond notes while Cidersmiths Bristol Draught offers a more traditional fresh apple taste. All the dry ciders in the range have been sourced and produced by local British farmers to bring you the best of Britains dry cider!

Arguably best drunk on a warm summers day, dry cider can be drunk and enjoyed all year round. Shop the range today to find your favourite.

Struggling to choose your favourite bottle? Why not create your own case! Simply pick 12 bottles of our craft cider or beer including our dry ciders, and you'll get the cheapest bottle free! These bespoke boxes make great gifts for any English drink lovers looking to try a variety of different, local beverages. Buy our dry cider online and benefit from free delivery on all orders over £50!