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Buy Fruit Beer At Redh

Fancy a beer with more of a juicy punch but without the sweetness of fruit cider? Our thirst-quenching, refreshing fruit and flavoured beers are a perfect choice!

The great advantage of beer is its diversity. This means there are loads of other ingredients that can be added to give a traditionally hop flavoured drink, additional flavour. Some of the different fruits and flavours in our fruit beer range include coconut and mango, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, passionfruit, guava and more!

We pride ourselves on bringing you the best of British fruit and flavoured beer which is why all of the fruit beers on our store has been sourced and produced by local British farmers. Our bottle and can sizes range from 330ml to 500ml and a couple of our flavoured beers are vegetarian and vegan - just filter by our dietary preferences!

Struggling to choose your favourite bottle? Why not create your own case! Simply pick 12 bottles of our craft beers or ciders including any of our flavoured beers, and you'll get the cheapest bottle free! These bespoke boxes make great gifts for any English drink lovers looking to try a variety of different, local beverages. Buy fruit beers online and benefit from free delivery on all orders over £50!