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  1. Siren - Futurist  440ml
    Siren - Futurist 440ml
    Special Price £3.28 Regular Price £4.10
  2. Siren - Grateful Eight 440ml
    Siren - Grateful Eight 440ml
    Special Price £4.16 Regular Price £5.25
  3. Siren - Lumina IPA 330ml
    Siren - Lumina IPA 330ml
    Special Price £1.88 Regular Price £2.35
  4. Siren - Soundwave  330ml
    Siren - Soundwave 330ml
    Special Price £1.96 Regular Price £2.45
  5. Siren White Tips 440ml
    Siren White Tips 440ml
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £3.75

Items 1-24 of 26


Craft IPA Beer At Redh

India Pale Ale (IPA) originated in England in the early 19th century, produced to send out to the colonies in India. Extra hops were added to lengthen the beer’s shelf life for the journey, resulting in a hoppier beer and an increased alcohol volume.

The IPA lager is said to be the world’s favourite craft beer! Particularly easy to experiment and be creative with, it's a brewer's and a drinker’s dream. The demand for IPA lager is growing rapidly and new craft IPA variations are emerging on an almost weekly basis. As the general public continues to explore the extensive range of IPA lagers on the market, Redh has made sure to stock an incredible range of India Pale Ale for you to try.

Browse Our Range Of English IPA Today

All the IPA beers in our collection come in a variety of bottle and can size's ranging from 330ml to 500ml and a large number of our craft IPA beers are vegetarian and vegan - just filter by dietary preference. No matter what IPA beer you choose, each has been brewed to a very high quality to ensure your taste buds are well and truly tingled! IPA beer is also particularly good when drunk with food pairing, working to enhance both the food and the taste of the India Pale Ale.

Buy IPA Beer Online & Get Free Delivery!

Check out Redh’s stock and create your own bespoke craft beer box - simply pick 12 bottles of beers, craft IPA beer or not, and you'll get the cheapest free! These bespoke beer boxes make great gifts for any beer lover looking to try a variety of different, locally produced beers! Plus spend more than £75 and we'll give you free UK delivery!

Want to be more clued up on IPA's? Check out our blog on 'An Introduction To IPA's'