Wheat and White Beer

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Wheat And White Beer At Redh

White beer is defined as an unfiltered, top-fermented style of wheat beer. White beer traditionally contains few hops to keep bitterness level low and is termed ‘white’ beer because of its cloudy white appearance in the glass.

Wheat beer and white beer haven’t had the easiest history. Originated in Belgium in the Middle Ages, it was very popular. However, this popularity dwindled with the arrival of golden larger in the early 1900s. In more recent years, thanks to the growth of craft beer worldwide, white beer has crawled back its popularity, and along with it some new flavours! While coriander and Curacao orange peel are the traditional flavourings of white beer, we now see these substituted for other spices in today’s white beers.

We stock a handful of white and wheat beer varieties, all of which have been locally sourced and produced by British farmers all with their own twist on the traditional white beer.

Buy any 12 bottles of our craft beer or cider and get the cheapest bottle free - also doubles up as a great gift for any craft white beer and wheat beer lover!