Fruit Cider

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Fruit Cider At Redh

When we think of fruit cider, most of us think of strawberry or berry cider. Well, you’ll be pleased to know fruit cider doesn’t just stop there, nor does our range of it!

At Redh, we pride ourselves on bringing you a vast array of British fruit cider which looks past the standard strawberry ciders you see on the shelf. Our fruit cider collection includes ciders from a variety of fruits such as blueberry, plum, ginger, raspberry and rhubarb - so we are sure you'll find a fruit cider that tickles your fancy!

Much like all the drink you’ll find on our store, our fruit ciders have been sourced and produced by local British farmers helping to support local businesses as well as supply the best of British cider! A number of our fruit ciders are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans - just filter by our dietary preferences the find a fruit cider which best fits your needs. 

Struggling to choose your favourite? Why not create your own case! Simply pick 12 bottles of our craft cider or beer including fruit cider and you'll get the cheapest bottle free! These bespoke boxes make great gifts for any English cider lover looking to try a variety of different, local ciders. Buy our fruit cider online and benefit from free delivery on all orders over £75!