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Perry Cider At Redh

Where cider is traditionally made from apples, perry cider is made from pears, but not just any type of pears, perry pears!

Perry pears tend to be a lot smaller and harder than your standard dessert pears, making the cider particularly sweet. The perry cider making process also requires extra steps and care from that of usual cider which makes it a lot harder to perfect. Such differences include trial and error in picking a ripe pear and macerating the pears before pressing.

At Redh, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best of British perry cider, sourced and produced by local British farmers including Hallets perry cider made in the countryside of Wales.

Struggling to choose your favourite bottle? Why not create your own case! Simply pick 12 bottles of our craft cider or beer including our perry cider, and you'll get the cheapest bottle free! These bespoke boxes make great gifts for any English drink lovers looking to try a variety of different, local beverages. Buy our perry cider online and benefit from free delivery on all orders over £50!