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English Sparkling Wine At Redh

The popularity of English sparkling wine is causing somewhat of an upset, with a number of English sparkling wines now outperforming champagne in international wine shows!

The South of England happens to also possess the same strip of chalk that runs through the champagne valley and under the English Channel, providing English sparkling wine with the same clean mineral taste. The Queen herself recently used a bottle of English Sparkling wine to christen a ship as opposed to the traditional champagne!

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At Redh, we support the work of local wineries and stock a wide range of British sparkling wines all sourced and produced from local winemakers hidden in the English countryside, towns, and cities. As for wine gifts, we believe there is no greater gift for a wine lover than a bottle of the finest English sparkling wine. If you are feeling extra generous or in need of a larger bottle of wine for yourself, why not take a look at our sparkling magnum wines. 

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