Magnum Wine

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When a 750ml bottle isn't enough, we give you the Magnum! Served in 1500ML bottles, magnum wine is the perfect accompaniment to parties, celebrations, dinners, a bad day at work or any old excuse!

Other than helping to celebrate and drown your sorrows, there are some genuine pros to buying a larger bottle of wine. The main being how quickly the wine ages. As you most likely know, wine ages as air moves in and out of the cork, disturbing the flavours of the wine. With larger Magnum wine bottles, there is the same surface area (the tiny cork) for the air the transfer, but now a much larger volume of wine, meaning magnum wine ages at half the speed at 750ml bottles.

At Redh, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best of British wine which is why all our Magnum wine is locally sourced and produced in England’s countryside. The magnum wine we have on offer is Wiston Estate’s Brut NV which is a wonderfully elegant Chardonnay from West Sussex.

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