Body and Mind Botanicals - Cannabis Tea - 10 bags/15g


CBD-rich, legal cannabis tea (lab tested, 100% organic and less than 0.2% THC)

A cup of Body & Mind Botanical’s Cannabis Tea has been shown to help people relax and unwind in the evening. It is also a fantastic way to start the day properly. The best selection of buds and leaves ensures the tea tastes delicious and provides a strong CBD dose.

This strain of cannabis is high in CBD and contains below the legal maximum of THC (0.2%).

The brew: Beautiful aromatic natural flavourings are brought to life in 90C water. Brew a teabag for up to 20 minutes before drinking. Many customers like to mix with a flavoured green/fruit tea.

Ingredients: 10 teabags of organic cannabis sativa buds and leaves. Bags can be re-brewed but will lose flavour and usefulness eventually.

Advisory: Consult your GP before taking dietary supplements. It is advised to leave a two hour gap between CBD and medication. For medication that carries a grapefruit warning, a four hour gap is advised.

Do not consume if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Typical daily dose: 1-2 cups per day

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* ALLERGY ADVICE: For allergens and dietary requirements please see product label or contact us [email protected]


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