English Gin

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Items 1-24 of 30


Items 1-24 of 30


Craft Gin At Redh

English gin has had an interesting and chequered history! With origins in the middle ages, Gin evolved from herbal medicines. The juniper heavy liquor became hugely popular in England in the early 17th century and has seen a recent boom thanks to the vast range of new unique gin types hitting the market. 

Today, most craft gins are produced in a still, using a range of botanicals to flavour the spirit that we all know and love. Botanicals can include anything from the traditional juniper berries or raspberries to coriander or lemon peel, all of which produce the wonder that is fruit gin. Gin’s versatility is one of the main reasons that at this present moment we are in the grips of a craft gin revolution! Artisan gin is more popular than ever with new flavours of gin being introduced to the British gin market at an increasing rate.

It is of no surprise, Redh are huge fans of the craft gin revolution and supporting local gin! We stock a wide range of English craft gin with a variety of unusual gin flavours including spiced gin, fruit gin, berry gin and more! All our artisan gins are sourced from small, local producers hidden to in the English countryside and in our towns and cities to bring you the very best of local gin.

All the craft gins in the range come in a variety of sizes from personal 100ml bottles to larger 750ml sharing bottles. Our stylish gin in a tin 500ml bottle collection is extremely popular thanks to the variety of fruit gin flavours in the collection and its portable, stylish flask-like tin. No matter which artisan gin you choose, we assure you that you'll be blown away by the quality gin in the range.

The majority of our craft gins available sit around 40% alcohol but if you are looking for quality gin that will leave you hangover free the next day - check out our non-alcoholic spirits

Buy gin online and benefit from a free gin delivery on orders over £75. We hope you love your gin delivery!