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Rum is a distilled drink made from sugarcane. All rum begins as a clear liquid but can be given colour through ageing in oak barrels. This is what differentiates dark, black or golden rum from light rum. The majority of the world's rum is produced in the Caribbean and Latin America but is actually made worldwide, including England. English rum has become increasingly popular over the years with more and more English distilleries choosing to create their very own craft rum.  

At Redh, we support British rum and stock a wide range of different craft rum including white rum, dark rum, and flavoured rum. All the different types of flavoured rum in the range have been handpicked from local rum distilleries in the UK and vetted for their high quality rum taste. 

Whether you are looking for quality rum to add to your cocktail or mixer, or perhaps a strongly flavoured rum to sip on the rocks? Look no further! All the light rums in our British rum range make the perfect base for a cocktail as well as a great way to spice up a soft drink after a long week. The beauty of rum is its versatility. Rum can be mixed with many different drinks so you in our eyes, you can never get bored! Some examples of different types of rum mixers include coca-cola, orange juice, cranberry juice, ginger ale, and lemon juice with a slice of lemon.

Buy quality rum online today and benefit from free delivery on all orders over £75! Plus, you can earn yourself loyalty points each time you purchase one of our craft rums - bank up enough of your loyalty points and you can purchase a craft rum for free!

Want to learn more about our rum varieties before you buy? Check out our blog on the different types of rum to get the full low down!