English Vodka

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English Vodka At Redh

Vodka is a spirit that is often dismissed as uninteresting, however, the team at Redh believe vodka to tell a different story…

Originating more than 1000 years ago, the raw ingredients used in vodka very much dictate the end flavour. Infused vodkas, in particular, have the addition of fruits, herbs, and spices to create an alternative flavoured vodka twist. Examples of popular flavoured vodka include vanilla vodka, raspberry vodka, watermelon vodka, cherry vodka, and lemon vodka - not so uninteresting after all!

Here at Redh, we stock a wide collection of infused vodka including toffee flavoured vodka, summer fruit vodka, cherry vodka and more. Although, we are not limited to just flavoured vodka. We also stock a selection of classic tasting luxury vodka. Traditionally drunk neat, from the freezer as a shot. Alternatively, if you'd prefer a hint of flavour to take the edge off your artisan vodka drink, we stock a large variety of high-quality vodka mixers to best suit your pallet. Our artisan vodka mixers include lemonade, soda water, ginger ale and more!

Redh is a huge fan of supporting the production of local vodka, with a wide range of British vodka for sale. All of the British vodkas in our range have been vetted for their high-quality vodka taste. Giving a creamy texture and an ultimate test of quality, vodka is also a classic spirit that is essential for any cocktail cabinet. Use one of our craft vodkas in your cosmopolitan or bloody mary and you will be on your way for a good evening!

Buy vodka online today and benefit from a free vodka delivery on all orders over £75! Plus, you can earn yourself loyalty points each time you purchase one of our craft vodkas - bank these up and you can earn rewards in future!