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English Wine at Redh

The vine and the wine were introduced to England by the Romans. Over the centuries, the popularity of English wine dwindled. However, vineyards in England are now back in all their glory and English wine is ever growing in popularity once again. England is now becoming a very real wine producing country and is increasingly recognised for high-quality, premium wine! 

At Redh, we stock a large array of the finest English wines. Handpicked sparkling wines, red wines, white wines, rose wines, sweet wines, fruit wines and meads, all produced from stunning vineyards. All our types of wine are sourced and produced from local wineries to bring you the best of English wine direct to you. 

Our British wines come in a variety of sizes from smaller 350ML bottles of mead wines to large 1500ML magnum wines. A large number of our English wines are also vegetarian and vegan - just filter by our dietary preferences to find a bottle best suited to your needs. Whether you're after a dry white wine to pair with your fish dinner or perhaps a full-bodied red wine to soothe you after a long week, we are sure our wide collection of English wines will have the perfect bottle of wine for you.

Buy wine online and benefit from free wine delivery on all orders over £50!